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The Australian White was developed through the combination of four existing breeds of sheep, being Poll Dorset, Texel, Vanrouey and White Dorper, with their features making them ideal for Australian conditions.

With the use of Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination the Australian White breed has quickly developed to meet all of the breeds original objectives. This has resulted in a shedding-haired type breed that suits both Australian meat processors and lamb producers.

The key features present within the Australian Whites sheep breed include:

           Quiet Temperament                                                                                Good feet and legs

           Hair Pattern                                                                                                    Clean Shedding

           Carcase shape                                                                                                 Early Maturing

           Self replacing                                            Suitable for the domestic and export markets 

            High dressing percentage                                                             Excellent eating quality 

Click to read more about the breed on the Australian White website

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